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We collected GPA and LSAT from hundreds of applicants and asked whether they were admitted or not. Then, we created a statistical model to help you get an idea of your chances of admission to Ontario law schools.

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The table below lists average and median LSAT, cGPA, and L2 of those accepted to various Ontario law schools between 2011 and 2018d. Get more stats like this, along with a statistical analysis of your chances, by logging in!

Mean Accepteda Median Accepteda
Toronto 3.77 167.88 3.78c 3.83 167 3.82c
Osgoode 3.73 162.54 3.82 3.75 163 3.85
Queen's 3.63 162.71 3.76 3.65 162 3.79
Ottawa 3.63 160.43 3.75 3.67 160 3.79
Western 3.54 163.22 3.75 3.56 163 3.75

a All grades are on the OLSAS scale.

b Sorted by mean accepted cGPA.

c This is actually B3.

Notes: Lakehead University and University of Windsor are excluded because the data does not yield a model that can be used to make predictions.

d These stats are from a statistical model created from 2,003 self-reported data points gathered from from 2011-2018. Its accuracy is by no means warranted and the data points are not generalizable.